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The Coach Pitch Division is intended to be a fun and learning experience for children from the ages of 7 & 8. This division is developmental and recreational and is not intended to subject the children to fierce competition. Coach Pitch is intended to provide a grounding in the fundamentals of baseball and stresses good sportsmanship.  We do not wish to focus on a win/loss outcome.    

Here Are Some Basic Rules

1) Both teams must bring their full equipment to every game.  
2) Players will warm up and do practice drills. 
3) All players will play a variety of positions.
4) Each inning will end after all players have batted once.
5) All spare players must stand or sit inside the dugout area.
6) Batters or base runners who are retired must return to the dugout at once.  
7) Bat/equipment throwing or other unsafe behavior is NOT acceptable.
8)  In the event of inclement weather coaches must call the Field Line 506-652-PLAY (7529) and encourage parents to do the same. If the fields are open, it will be game on.

Here are guidelines that every Coach Pitch team must follow

1) The two teams playing each other should attempt to play 2 full innings. Both teams should hit and play defense. If time permits, a third inning or another ½ inning can be played.    
2) When hitting, coaches should establish a batting order (sitting the kids in the batting order in the dugout)
3) Teams will follow a continuous batting order, meaning that every player will bat every inning regardless of the number of outs.  
4) If an out is made, the hitter or base runner should continue to run the bases.  
5) Coaches should limit the hit to a single no matter where the ball goes. The only exception is the last batter, who gets to run all the bases.  
6) Batting helmets are required to be worn by all players when hitting. 
7) T-balls/practice balls (soft) will be used during games.  
8) Coaches should pitch overhand and from one knee to help make it easier for the players to see the ball. Players receive a maximum of 6 pitches per at bat. The coach can adjust to help players get a hit. (i.e. move up closer to the hitter when pitching). If after the 6 pitches the player still doesn’t hit the ball, that player will hit off a tee for the rest of that at bat. Pitchers will throw from the 15-20 ft range. 

If you have any questions, please email us at

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