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The focus in the Minor Division is on player and team development. Full games are played, and Little League rules are in place. 


Here are some basic rules

  1. All Minor regular season baseball games will be at 6:15 with no inning starting after 8 pm.

  2. All Minor games will be 5 innings (if time allows).

  3. Minor regular season games can employ 4 equally spaced outfielders. (in playoffs both teams must have enough players for 4 outfielders or revert to 3).

  4. Regular season Minor pitchers may pitch a maximum of 2 complete innings (6 outs) and follow the Little League calendar for days of rest.

  5. Playoffs will follow Little League guidelines for pitch counts and days of rest. (referenced below)

  6. There is no infield fly rule in Minor.

  7. Regular season requires a minimum of 8 players for a game (can include call-ups).

  8. If less than 8 players show up for the game, this results in a forfeit. An exhibition game can be played if both teams agree.

  9. Playoffs require teams to have a minimum of 8 players (no call-ups) for the playoffs.

  10. Every effort should be made to hold regular practices. If your schedule prevents you from practicing, please find a parent to lead the practices. 


Little League Pitch Count Rules

 1 - 20   Pitches..........0 Days Rest

 21 - 35 Pitches..........1 Day Rest

 36 - 50 Pitches..........2 Days Rest

 51 - 65 Pitches..........3 Days Rest

 66+      Pitches..........4 Days Rest

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