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Junior Division focuses on continuing to develop players and the team. Sportsmanship is important in this division and should be coach-led. Players at this point know their positions, unless they are new to the league, at which time the coach will determine the best position for the player. 

  1. All Junior regular season baseball games will be at 6:15 pm, with no inning starting after 8 pm. Double game days will see the first game begin at 4 pm and no inning to begin after 5:45 pm.

  2. All Junior games will be 6 innings (if time allows).

  3. Junior league players may lead off bases, steal, as well as slide head first. 

  4. Junior League pitchers must follow the days of rest chart for Junior League age of 14 noted below for regular season as well as playoffs.

  5. Playoffs will follow Little League guidelines for pitch counts and days of rest. (referenced below)

  6. There is an infield fly rule in Junior if the Umpire is confident in its use.

  7. Regular season requires a minimum of 8 players for a game (can include call-ups).

  8. If less than 8 players show up for the game, this results in a forfeit. An exhibition game can be played if both teams agree.

  9. Playoffs require teams to have a minimum of 8 players (no call-ups) for the playoffs.

  10. Every effort should be made to hold regular practices. If your schedule prevents you from practicing, please find a parent to lead the practices. 

  11. Rubber cleats are recommended but metal cleats are allowed. 

  12. USA bats and BBCOR bats are approved. (No USSSA or BPF 1.15 are permitted)

  13. There is a 5 run per inning rule and a 10 run rule after 4 innings.

  14. Players are to play a minimum of one defensive inning in the infield and one defensive inning in the outfield by the 5th inning.

  15. Home teams are responsible for supplying new baseball and paying umpires. Also for installing and removing bases.

  16. For 2024 over-age players are permitted for League play on a case by case assessment. 

  17. There shall be no tolerance for harassment of our umpires by coaches, players, parents.


Little League Pitch Count Rules

 1 - 20   Pitches..........0 Days Rest

 21 - 35 Pitches..........1 Day Rest

 36 - 50 Pitches..........2 Days Rest

 51 - 65 Pitches..........3 Days Rest

 66+      Pitches..........4 Days Rest

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