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Coaches Corner

Saint John Little League is a volunteer-run organization, which is why it is important to get involved. 

Below are some of the many ways to get involved at Saint John Little League:

Head Coach

All teams require coaches. (Coach-Pitch and T-Ball require many) By stepping up and taking on a coaching position, you are ensuring your child is having the best ball experience possible. 
No experience is necessary. We provide resources to our coaching team on how to run an effective practice and share game rules. 

Field Coach

Just like all teams require Head Coaches, they also require Field Coaches who manage the dugout, ensuring kids are ready to bat when it's their turn and safe practices are followed on the field, 
Parent volunteers are also a critical part of the success of our T-Ball and Coach Pitch programs. This program is often the players first experience at an organized sport and therefore require a lot of attention and guidance. in order for each child to get something out of the program, it is imperative to have 1 Field Coach for every 5 kids. We provide each coach with handbook that details out what to do each week, so there is really no experience necessary to fill this role. 

Parent Committee

For SJLL to keep registration costs low, we need Parent Committee members to help with minor fundraising throughout the season (selling 50/50 at the games). Where we are a volunteer-run organization, helping with special events, also ensures we are able to offer a positive experience for all who play.  


Creating a safe and fun environment for learning and competing is integral to Saint John Little League. To ensure the safety of all of our players, each of our coaches takes part in a police background check. To get started on this process early, please send us an email at to get the form. 

Saint John Little League Call-Up Guidelines

  • Coaches are to confirm with players who are interested in being called-up or playing extra, and share that list with the leagues administrators. 

  • The league’s administrators will manage the pool, determining which players will be selected to play up or extra.

  • The League will use the pool to assign players to teams that are short of players on a rotating basis.

  • Priority will be given to the division below first.

  • If you require players, please email us your request at

  • Managers and/or coaches will not have the right to randomly pick and choose players from the pool.

  • Players from the pool will not be allowed to pitch or catch except during the player's own regular season scheduled game.

    • Junior/Majors: Pool Players MUST start the game and play 3 consecutive innings. If there are more than 9 players, the pool player plays the first 3 innings and that’s it. The pool player plays a minimum/maximum of 3 innings and gets 1 at bat.

    • Minors: Pool players must play 3 innings on defense. They do not need to be consecutive. The pool player does not need to be a starter on defense but must be in the line-up. If they are the 10th player, they play a maximum of 3 innings in the field.

  • Replacement Players must bat at the bottom of the order.

  • If a rostered player arrives late or is at the game unexpectedly making the replacement player unneeded, any confirmed player(s) that show up for the game will still play for that team.

  • Any team that finds out at, or just before, game time they do not have enough players to play, will be given 15 minutes of grace for the league to try to produce a replacement player.

  • If one is not found, the game will result in a forfeit, and for the benefit of those that arrived; an unofficial game will be played amongst the remaining players.

  • Replacement players should only be used when a team has eight or fewer players, and NOT when a team has nine, the required number to play. The idea is that we want all the kids on your team to play.


Minor/Major: If you have players that could play up a level, please email their name to us and we will reach out to the parents to confirm they'd be interested. This is a great opportunity for those children who wish to play more Baseball.

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